De Luna Partners works with a diverse range of institutional investors.
The following list is representative of the organizations from which we have raised assets.

Adobe Systems
Alameda County ERS
Arizona State ERS
Asset Strategy Consulting
Brahma Breweries
California State School ERA
California Wellness Foundation
Callan Associates
Celtrix Laboratories
Cheyenne Capital
Chicago Policemen’s Annuity & Benefit
Collagen Corporation
Colorado Permanent Fund
CS Customized Fund Investment Group
Directors Guild of America
Firemen’s Fund Insurance
Frank Russell & Co.
Franklin Templeton
Hartford Investment Management Co.
Hauser Private Equity
Idaho Tobacco Fund
Illinois Municipal ERS

Illinois Teachers’ Retirement System
INVESCO Private Capital
J.C. Penney & Co
J.C. Penney Life Insurance
J.P. Morgan Asset Management
LGT Capital Partners
Lincoln Land Company
Los Angeles City ERS
Los Angeles County ERA
Los Angeles Fire & Police Pensions
Lubbock Fire Pension Fund
Merrill Lynch Consulting
MetLife Insurance
Morgan Creek
Motion Picture Industry Pension
NationsBank/Bank of America
NB Investments
New England Pension Cons.
New Mexico PERA
New Mexico State Investment Council
New York City Board of Education
New York City Comptroller’s Office
New York City ERS
New York City Fire Pension
New York City Police Pension

New York Life Investment Mgt.
Oregon State ERS
Partners Group
Pension Consulting Alliance
PictureTel Corporation
PPL Corporation
ProBusiness Systems
Producers Pension Plan
Progress Investment Mgt.
R.V. Kuhns
Rock Creek Group
Salt River Project
San Joaquin County ERS
Screen Actors Guild
Seagate Technology
Southern Pacific Railroad
StepStone Group
Texas Permanent School Fund
Washington State Investment Bd
Wellfleet Communications
Wilshire Consulting
Wyoming State investment Bd
Zentel Corporation