Placement Agent / Third Party Marketing

With the shared goal of raising assets, we collaboratively work with our clients through a comprehensive process.

De Luna Partners has been raising capital for a select group of investment advisory, private equity, and venture capital firms since 2002. We represent a limited number of clients with competitive track records who have proven their abilities creating sustainable value to their clients. Through our extensive network of institutional contacts, investment consultants and fund of funds, we pair our asset managers with public funds, corporations, foundations and endowments who have assets to place, crafting strategies to benefit both. The success of our firm has been built on our unique foresight and knowledge of the industry, deep functional expertise and a practical approach to delivering results through our access to decision makers.

Private Equity – Investor Relations Consulting

De Luna Partners’ investor relations consulting services will communicate your firm’s strengths to existing limited partners (LPs) and potential investors. Drawing upon our years of experience in client services, we help you define the vision and strategies of your firm, with a goal of building investor trust in your management team. De Luna Partners can also help you foster and strengthen relationships with existing investors through a variety of communications, including investor phone conferences, presentations, face to face meetings with LPs, external communications and arranging for the principals in the firm to participate in industry conferences. Our expertise can develop a client facing positioning strategy that reflects the best objectives of your firm in a convincing and confident manner. De Luna Partners in its role as investor relations consultant does not and will not engage in any direct fundraising.